I Want To Sell My Home For Free

Well. You came to the right place. This blog is completely dedicated to ways for you to sell your home for free. Online resources. Listing websites. If you are cost savvy – this is the place for you. If you want to save money – this is the place for you. If you are stingy. This is also the place for you.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to save money? At 5% commission in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), real estate agents pretty much gauge you in day light. At average home price in excess of $650,000 plus HST, you are looking at $36,000 of your hard earned money going down the drain for a weekend of work for a real estate agent. Seriousl!

So, without further ado, here is a list of free online resources for you to use:

Listing Sites:

Homenova Inc. Homenova is a great For Sale By Owner site. While not overly popular yet, it offers a superior way to list your home for free. The site comes with very nice presentation and it is completely free to use. Features include a free listing, chat system, tips to sell your home and much more.

Kijiji. Kijiji is another website for selling your home privately. While very popular in Canada, the site is not really specific to home sales and there is a lot of spammy listings and spammy real estate agents on it. Make sure not to use your contact information if you don’t want your phone to ring non-stop by real estate agents.

Craigslist. While not overly popular in Canada, Craigslist is still a popular site. It allows you to list for free and does have a real estate section. Similar to kijiji, it is mostly populated by real estate agents and other time waster whom you don’t want to deal with. Make sure to create a specific email for your listing so you do not get harrased by one of the 40,000 real estate agents in the GTA.

YorkBBS is a great forum to go after the chinese buyers. You know that a lot of the high end homes and fast selling homes are in areas demanded by chinese buyers. Publish your home there.

OREA agreement of purchase and sale is available online… just google it and you can get yourself a purchase agreement template.


There are a variety of resources for sale by owner listed on wikipedia.

Doodle allows you to organize appointments with people fairly easily.

Meetup – you can meet with other real estate enthusiasts in real life to exchange tips and build your social circle.

That’s about it. I hope that this list of resources will make your free home selling process easy and successful. I would be happy to get any other comments to add in to this blog if you have ideas or suggestions about other free resources that people in Canada can use to sell their homes privately. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sites are only welcome if they are free so please do not provide unwanted suggestions to paid sites.


Ideas To Sell Your Home For Free